Sohn Kitchen


Our latest animation for Sohn Kitchen sought to captivate the viewer with a selection of sights and sounds that entice the senses. The team at Sohn had a pre-existing illustrative style that infused both collage and hand drawn elements to give a sense of the authentic food they cook.

After lengthy consultation and coffee we agreed that to focus on the senses would be an interesting way to create a narrative. Slurping noodles, steaming bowls, the sound of happy customers - all native to a busy night at Sohn and coincidentally fantastic to animate!


To adhere and expand on the wonderful aesthetic that Sohn had already produced we paid close attention to the visuals - creating photoshop brushes and colour palettes that fit.

The animation is currently being used by the Sohn team across all their social media platforms and will accompany them on their relocation from the sandy beaches in Cornwall to new premises up country!







Client - Sohn Kitchen